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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Intelligent Design of Nick Anderson's Cartoons...

...consists on he hiding the names of his two sons (Colton and Travis) in all his cartoons.

In the original, you can see the name of Travis in Anderson's back and at the bottom left of the mirror's frame, while 'Colton' is in Anderson's tie and at the top of the mirror's frame (here highlighted in red).

In the Houston Chronicle of today it says that he is joining its Editorial Cartoon:

Pulitzer winner joins Chronicle

If you think that he really looks like the cartoon of himself (posted here side by side), in the same way he may be distorting what his imagination dictates related to other issues... (smile):

This one he Published On 2005-11-29: "Teach both sides! Teach intelligent design! Intelligent design is science!"

And in this other he represented the Roman Clergy supporting Evolution.

Next, one Anderson's awarded Cartoon:

Other of his cartoons related to the wiretap spying on America:

And a couple more in black and white:


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