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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Intelligent Design in Culture

2005, the penetration of Intelligent Design into pop culture.

1. In Sunday's Color-Comics:

Apart from the already mentioned Blog of Dilbert's Designer, we had this early piece from "Opus" [a fragment]:

To see more ...

I posted the dialog of the full version at: "Wall Street Journal on Rick Sternberg, part 2" (05/20/05):

Two boys are talkin' while runnin' on the fields:

> "Pickles, simple chance couldn't have created a dandelion."

- "Nope, hummingbirds neither, Auggie."

> "Or butterflies."

- "Rainbows."

> "There has to be an unseen hand of grace and imagination behind everything."

- "It's called Intelligent Design."

> "Oo, Intelligent Design."

- "Which brings up an existential point... somebody's got some 'splainin' to do."

~ *Snore* (as the two talkin' boys approach the doorstep of their house their old 'daddy' is sleepin' on the couch on his purple housecoat with a cigarette on the left side of his mouth's still, and a beer can at the left side of his head. A drunken thin-garfield cat at his right side is eating a hotdog and a mess of snacks is poured down on the floor, as well as empty drinkin'-cans and hotdog remains).

- About what? ('Opus', the birdish main character asks, while eatin' some 'Chees-Q' snacks and wearing a 'Miami' 'bra-cap' on his head...)
The Lesson: When humans were left to decide by themselves, the original Intelligent Design got messed up!

The President George W. Bush, Senators John McCain and Bill Frist, etc. endorsed the teaching of alternatives to evolution like Intelligent Design.

Keeping Sternberg's case alive, until its final verdict!

2. In TV Series:

Boston Legal
From Whence We Came / Season 1, Episode 12
First broadcast: January 16, 2005, repeat: August 23, 2005 (with Audio fragments in mp3):
Frank Birney .... Judge William Howe
Sam Anderson .... Walter Fife, Defendant
Candice Bergen .... Shirley Schmidt, Defendant's Attorney

Video (end of episode, in Windows Media Player):
Boston Legal - Episode 01x12 From Whence We Came (See there minutes 2:57 to 4:57)

The final speech by the judge in that program was:
"Nobody is more frightened than I am of the religious right getting a stranglehold on our values ("this is the part when we get spanked", declared the defense), it seems, as long as you do it in the name of the Almighty, one is free to abandon not only common sense and science, but also the facts; But I am also concerned about a secular society squeezing faith out of our lives, we all have witnessed the ridiculous lawsuits to stop nativity scenes at Christmas, to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance. God has always been a part of who and what we are as a Nation. On our currency it reads "In God We Trust", the Declaradion of Independence speaks of God, how we are "created, endowed by Our Creator", being referred as "Our Supreme Judge of the World" and "Divine Providence", GOD! And I'm sorry, anybody who has ever held a new born child in his hands must make room for the chance that a Higher Power exists. It shouldn't offend you, best scientists, to say "Hey, we just don't know". I find the decision to include Intelligent Design along with Evolution into the Science Curriculum does not violate the Establishment Clause of the First Ammendment. I'm ruling in favor of the defendant. This Lawsuit is dismissed."
Several states in the U.S.A. already approved the Critical Analysis of Evolution, like Ohio, Kansas, Minnesota, etc.

3. In Music:
Hip Hop
New Music Canada
Agency” by FM108
Date Recorded: Feb /2005

In 2004 Glenn Okada presented his "Intelligent Design" album.

Intelligent Design appears in several textbooks including the irony presented by Dr. William A. Dembski that "Okay, ID may be taughtBut you [Dr. Bill, and any other ID researcher] don’t get to teach it!" (click there to see the full scanned page of the text).

While the Discovery Institute keeps a record of the Media Coverage on TV & Radio Interviews supportive to Intelligent Design in the U.S.A.

So, dear Intelligent Design Student, if you live in Dover, PA, Study ID at home or move to another State in the U.S.A. more open-minded and supportive to the Critical Analysis of Evolution.

That's the beauty of the U.S.A.! The independence of each State to decide, as well as the independence of each Family and Student to decide what and how to teach themselves and their families!


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