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Monday, December 19, 2005

Reverse Engineering Assumptions for an Open Science Intelligent Design Theory

By David L. Hagen. Posted at ISCID, 19. December 2005.

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Temperature Dependent Angular Velocity Measurement of F1-ATPase Biomolecular Motor by Micro Fabricated Local Heating Device
H. Arata, H. Noji, and H. Fujita
University of Tokyo, Japan
To be presented at microTas2005 (pdf)

Cells Made to Haul Tiny Cargoes
George Whitesides and Douglas Weibel of Harvard University have attached a polystyrene bead to green algae cell and used a high/low light intensity gradient to direct the cell’s movement. They expect that cells could be harnessed to perform micro-scale mechanical work.
See Proc. National Academy of Sciences, 2005 reported by BBC.

Bio-inspired Vision-Based Flying Robots
Thesis by Jean-Christophe Zufferey, from

The Laboratory of Intelligent Systems is designing flying robots using insight from flying insects.

Is this evidence that flying insects are examples of design in biochemical systems that provide helpful guidance to Design Engineers?

Or does this give evidence that "Intelligent Systems" are a result of random events in a closed system of natural causes?

David Hagen, PhD
Research Engineer/Design
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