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Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Hero For The Ages

Imagine the night sky in a place far from the city, where you can recognize each visible star by its most ancestral group or constellation...

On pursuing The Constellations and Their Intelligent Design we can follow the clear redeeming pattern (names above the constellation's figures):





Here, the constellations representing a man are holding in their hands evidences of their victory: Orion, Ophiuchus and Hercules. All of them pointing to the same Hero For The Ages: Our Christ Jesus! That's The Witness of the Stars!


Blogger fdocc said...

Pursuing the answer for In_Unison for the related posting The Constellations and their Intelligent Design we read in the same book by E. W. Bullinger additional instances, additional to the one related to the position of the sun at the moment of the Perfect Sacrifice (the 14th of Nisan, between the next main Aries' stars over his head: Alpha (El Nath, The Slain) and Beta (Al Sheratan, The Wounded)) and in which the word design was used by E. W. Bullinger:

Related to the Constellation of Hercules, presented above:

"...hydra, by whose venom Hercules afterwards died. In the belly of the sea monster he is said to have remained "three days and three nights." This was, doubtless a perversion of the type of Jonah, introduced by LYCOPHRON, who (living at the court of PTOLEMY PHILADELPHUS, under whose auspices the Hebrew Scriptures were translated into Greek) would have known of that Divine miracle, and of its applicaiton to the Coming One. Bishop Horsley believed that the fables of the Greek mythology could be traced back to the prophecies of the Messiah, of which they were a perversion from ignorance or design. This is specially true of Hercules. In his apparently impossible tasks of overthrowing gigantic enemies and delivering captives, we can see through the shadow, and discern the pure light of the truth. We can understand how the original star-picture must have been a prophetic representation of Him who shall destroy the Old Serpent and open the way again, not to fabled "apples of gold," but to the "tree of life" itself. He it is who though suffering in the mighty conflict, and brought to His knee, going down even to "the dust of death," shall yet, in resurrection and advent glory, wield His victorious club, subdue all His enemies, and plant His foot on the Dragon's head... "the dragon shalt thou trample under foot." Psalm 91:13"

In E. W. Bullinger we also read:

"...the old constellations were not designed, like the modern ones, merely for the sake of enabling astronomers to identify the positions of particular stars. In this case all the stars would have been included. The object was exactly the opposite! Instead of the pictures being designed to serve to identify the stars, only certain stars were used for the purpose of helping to identify the pictures!"

And, going back again to Virgo, presented in the other link, E. W. Bullinger wrote:

"Here is the commencement of all prophecy in Genesis 3:15, spoken to the serpent: "I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed: it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel." This is the prophetic announcement which the Revelation in the heavens and in the Book is designed to unfold and develop. It lies at the root of all the ancient traditions and mythologies, which are simply the perversion and corruption of primitive truth."

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