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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Detecting Intelligent Design in Charred Ashes and in a Petrified Boat

The Research of Ron Wyatt:

Sodom & Gomorrah 45 minute amazing video (these videos are not so clear):

Detecting the amazing shapes still preserved of Ziggurats, Walls, Statues and housings as well as the Sulfur rain that reduced everything to Ashes and the actual location of the five Cities of the Plain, including Sodom & Gomorrah, narrated by his loving wife (who narrates his other videos as well).

Noah's ark video:

Detecting the pattern of metals in the Ark's Design:

Beginning the story of the Ark:

Trees before the flood lacked rings due to an uniform climate and to a constant humidity in the form of vapor. The seasons and the alternate rain and drought started until after the flood. Never rained before the flood.

Index of Wyatt's Articles:

To see more of his videos:

Wyatt's critics are as vain as that 13th tribe Khazar that does not even believe in the actual existence of Mount Sinai and only goes by titles and degrees, or the vain criticism of that other money lover lost in the snow (I'm talking about Jammal's dupe, Dr. Morris Jr.):

You can also enjoy his movie on the Exodus and a tour to his museum by one of his close associates in the next index:


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