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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Exquisite Intelligent Design of Those Petite Organs!

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... Like that beautiful little toe that screams to the evolutionists, PLEASE "Don't Touch Me!" (a former picture that was in "The Texture of America!" with that statement painted over the feet at: ttp://
Finding inspired by the writings of Breslin83 in his Intelligent Criticism Blogspot, as well as by his posted link on the writings of Dr. Giovanni J.R. Calla. So, here we are going to be "Understanding the Functional Relevance of the Once Thought Vestigial Organs":

The Changing Definition of the Thymus from a Believed Rudiment into One of the Most Important Organs in the Human Anatomy

The Operative Significance Of The Appendix In Normal Systemic Functions

Understanding the Functional Significance of the Once Thought Vestigial Tonsils

The Operative Significance of the Supposed Rudimentary Coccygeal Process

The Actual Significance of the Assumed “Junk” Deoxyribonucleic Acid

In Breslin83's original posting on Vestigial Organs: A Vestige Of Outdated Science. Series of Essays: Part 1: Humans, we read the next:
"One of the 180 odd vestigial organs alluded to at the Scopes trial: The Appendix does indeed have a function..."
While Dr. Giovanni wrote:
"Initially, there was believed to have been at least 180 rudimentary or vestigial organs in the human body. However, this count has dwindled to approximately 14 structures. These structures are as follows: the adenoids, the APPENDIX, body hair, the COCCYX, the ear muscles, the little toe, the nictitating membrane of the eye, the nipples on males, the nodes on the ears, the parathyroid, the pineal gland, the thymus, the TONSILS, and lastly, the wisdom teeth... some relatively larger animals that are evolutionary linked to the hominid species do not have such vestigial organs at all and yet are perceived to be less developed (evolutionarily speaking) than the presently remaining representative of the order hominidae. Furthermore, some smaller animals that are also believed to be related to the above larger mammals do carry most if not all the said vestigial organs. Thus, upon reviewing this idea, there is therefore no logical pattern in the supposed eventual disappearance of these structures in more advanced organisms... Thus, through many separate research studies and experimentations, most if not all allegedly useless structures in the body are now found to have different tasks and serve extremely important purposes in the body on either insuring over-all structural stability or the assurance of appropriate processing of various internal functions."
Not to subestimate the aesthetic and spatially vital importance and beauty of such "petite organs"!

So, my very dear reader, please don't let those atheistic evolutionists and those living fossils of darwinism to cut off your own and beautiful little toes! (Quick time viedo of a gorgeous female little toe, courtesy of Gorgeous Feet, smile)

Or even the worst, please don't let those atheistic evolutionists and those living fossils of darwinism to slander you and to cut out your OWN SOUL!!!

In brief, don't let'em fools fool you anymore!


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