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Thursday, February 02, 2006

More Images for The Discovery of New Organisms

Leaf deer (leaf muntjac), discovered in a remote mountainous region of South East Asia. It stands just 50 cm (20 inches) at the shoulder, and weighs about 12 kg.

The new South-American rodent Cuscomys ashaninka, a powerfully-built animal, pale grey, with a white streak running along its head to its snout, with large claws (there were found additionally two new mice, two orchids, 11 butterflies and more than a dozen new frogs and lizards.)

The Vietnamese rhinoceros, a sub-species of the Java rhino, known also as the lesser one-horned-rhino.

Between 50 and 60 animals of the other sub-species survive in Java itself, but cross-breeding between the two is thought to be impossible.

My comment: Those subspecies of rhinos indeed can interbreed!

Taken from:

Striped rabbit revealed in Laos and Vietnam forest, resembling the endangered Sumatran striped rabbit (seen only once since 1916 and captured by a camera again in 1998), the only other known striped rabbit (in the last few years a forest pig and a hoofed animal like an antelope, the saola, have also been found in the same region... "If there are large mammals still in there, you can bet there are interesting invertebrates as well", Dr Bell said.)

Again, more compatible VARIETIES of their related counterparts that we already know!

Add this list and images to the previously presented Bioengineering and The Discovery of New Organisms and to The New 27 Cave Bugs.


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