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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Eulogy to Henry Morris, his contribution to the study of Biological Variation

Henry Madison Morris (1918-2006)

With others, I also join my recognition to Henry Morris, specially in relation to his contribution to the study of Biological Variation.

Creationism’s Henry M. Morris, dead at 87; upheld Genesis flood. Feb 27, 2006, by Art Toalston. Baptist Press.

Dr. William A. Dembski wrote in memoriam:

>It’s with sadness I announce that Henry Morris died Saturday evening (2.25.06). Henry Morris was a great man, and all critics of Darwinian evolution are in his debt for maintaining pressure on this pseudoscience when so much of the Western world capitulated to it. As I wrote last year at this time (go here) in reference to a conversation with Michael Ruse about Henry Morris’s significance:
During our conversation, Ruse commented that for all his disagreements with the young earth creationists, and Henry Morris in particular, he did give them credit for, as he put it, “keeping this issue alive.” The “issue” here was the debate over biological evolution and, in particular, the possibility of design providing a viable alternative to existing materialistic accounts of evolution.

My own experience has abundantly confirmed Ruse’s remark. In traveling outside the United States, I’ve found that evolutionary theory goes largely unchallenged. In the United States, by contrast, there remains widespread skepticism toward evolution. And even though intelligent design has emerged as the most visible banner under which evolution is now being challenged, the challenge would not exist without the efforts of Henry Morris and young earth creationists.

I myself would not be a design theorist today without them. To be sure, I am not a young earth creationist nor do I support their efforts to harmonize science with a particular interpretation of Genesis. Nonetheless, it was their literature that first got me thinking about how improbable it is to generate biological complexity and how this problem might be approached scientifically.
>May the work of dismantling Darwinian materialism that Morris began come to completion soon.

To Dr. Dembski's remarks, Salvador Cordova responded:
I’d like to also pay tribute to Henry Morris for bravely keeping the issues alive. He was a fine professor of engineering at a very fine secular school of engineering, Virginia Tech.

He was a gentleman of most excellent character and courage. He fought the good fight against seemingly impossible odds. And today, in the most technlogcially advanced culture in history, over half the nation accepts that the universe and life were the products of intelligent design. Thank you Henry Morris.
While Jacktone wrote:
Yes, I thank God for Henry Morris. What a voice against false dogma. The church was catatonic in the face of so-called “science” until “The Genesis Flood”. Now the whole country is pondering the validity of Darwinism. Well done, Dr. Morris.
Now, let the man speak for himself! From his writings on Impact, we have selected the next ones:

The Vanishing Case for Evolution, by Henry Morris, Ph.D. [(Impact #156)]

Evolution - A House Divided (#194), by Henry Morris, Ph.D.

The Microwave of Evolution (#152), by Henry Morris, Ph.D.

Evolutionists and the Moth Myth (#176), by Henry Morris, Ph.D.

Let these works resound 'till the ends of the earth!


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