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Friday, October 21, 2005

A functional entropy model for biological sequences

Durston KK, Chiu DKY. A functional entropy model for biological sequences. Dynamics Of Continuous Discrete And Impulsive Systems, Series B: Applications & Algorithms 2:722-725 Sp. Iss. Si 2005. [also presented at the Proc. 4th Intern. Conf. on Engineering Applications and Computational Algorithms]

This paper introduces functional entropy as a measure of entropy that incorporates functional interpretations corresponding to certain biological functions. A measure of change of functional entropy is defined to measure entropy change between two functional states. We show here two biosequence analysis experiments based on the ankyrin repeat and the Ubx box gene. They show how two related biomolecules with different biological functions can be compared and analyzed. Furthermore, with a given limit on entropy change, intermediaries between states can also be estimated and evaluated.

Durston KK says of this paper:
"Finding novel proteins is unlikely to occur through a series of functional intermediates, and will therefore degenerate to a random walk."

Note: Thanks to Dr. A. Voie for this excellent reference!

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