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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lyrics and Song, "Accidentally", by Good Seed

Good Seed
PFAL (Power For Abundant Living, according to John 10:10)
mp3 [647kb; 3:41 min, 24kbps]

To watch the rolling clouds move with the night time to the day
And watch the burning sun fall to the sea.
Something deep inside tells me that what I've been seen
Just could not happen accidentally.

Hear the sea gull cry, spread their wings and watch their fly
And hear the mighty tide rolling
To think that is affected by the moon so far away
I know that it’s not coincident.

Some say that it all happened one billion years ago
Some say, Lord we will never know
But God said, "In the Beginning"
And that's good enough for me.

He created the Heavens and Earth for you and me.

To know that we are just wonderful sons of God
And all is ours as far as we can see.
To think that we are more perfect than the finest machine
To know that we are God's Masterpiece.

Some say that we all came from just one single cell
Some say, Lord, it's just too hard to tell
But I'll say, let's give the credit where the credit is due
God made, formed then created me and you.

Just could not happen accidentally.

[On USA's Thanksgiving Day!]

Note: If you want to own the full Albums of "Good Seed", performers of "Accidentally" in RealPlayer, go to:

And look for the group "Good Seed", which also offer their songs "Born Again" and "Resurrected"; Other songs: Dean Ellenwood - Pentecost Song (Gentle Songs); Lisa Tracy - Happy To Be Here (Emmaus); Patty (P.K.) Krywos - All I'm Meant to Be; Jack Folz (w. Kathy Mabry) - Good Plan; Dennis R. Foster - Take Care of You (Sheri's Song) (No Darkness... At All); David Trussa - The Windows of Heaven (title cut, fragment), Craig Peterson (with Greg Anderson) - Autumn Leaves (The Craig Peterson Project, Jazz Standards); and for your Windows Media Player: A Land of Milk and Honey (The Singing Ladies, 2005), (We Are) Valiant for the Truth (The Present Truth, 2004), and Lift Up Your Eyes (The Singing Ladies featuring Claudettee Royal, 2004.)


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