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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Three Objectives of Mendelian Bioengineering

Three of the main objectives of my research program on Mendelian Bioengineering are:

1. To identify organisms that interbreed producing fertile offspring.

To catalogue as much examples as possible will take a lot of time, but it can be started with a small and easy to handle group of compatible organisms.

2. To produce new biodiversity with the results obtained in the previous objective.

What I strive to identify is not only "hybridization" per se, but specifically that the products of hybridization must be able to produce a fertile offspring themselves, which most of the times is "unexpected" under the current Darwinian paradigm.

So, for that reason, mules of any sort won't be the issue of my research program, as mules are sterile, they are unable to naturally produce a 'fertile offspring'!

Next is my answer to the next question, why I frame my research under Intelligent Design?

Because while the current Darwinist controlled biology is trying to demonstrate that new species are emerging all the time (their concept of 'speciation'), my third purpose rather fits within the Intelligent Design perspective:

3. To demonstrate that the boundary of genetic compatibility surrounding similar organisms is a robust reality.

I completely distaste the evolutionary discourse on 'speciation' and I deem it as pretentious and inflated presentations of reality.

The natural world under the ID framework will be subject to the straightforward description and explanation on how varieties within compatible groups of organisms are emerging and can emerge!

I want to close my post with a statement by Jonathan Wells:

"...ID could function as a "metatheory," providing a conceptual framework for scientific research. By suggesting testable hypotheses about features of the world that have been systematically neglected by older metatheories (such as Darwin's), and by leading to the discovery of new features..."

Mendelian Bioengineering has been systematically neglected by Darwinism.

Mendelian Bioengineering can lead us to the production of new biological varieties as well as to our molecular understanding of their pre-established natural boundaries.

Mendelian Bioengineering fits under the perspectives and the framework of Intelligent Design, repudiating a Darwinian evolution.


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